MeshBox Will Start MESH Main Net Mapping

Sept. 27, 2019, 5:32 p.m.

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MeshBox Foundation’s announcement on MESH mapping:

First of all, the MeshBox Foundation would like to thank all the investors, partners and the community for their attention and support. After more than one year’s research and development, our smart devices, MeshBox Maxwell and Tesla have begun the final preparation for sales. Soon MeshBoxes will be delivered to their owners, with which they can get revenue of MESH or SMT at that time. In order to speed up our progress and accelerate the construction of the ecosystem, the Foundation decided to complete the switch of MESH to the Spectrum from the old ERC20 contract today. Details are as follows:

1. The MeshBox Foundation will close the contract transfer function of MESH on Ethereum at 03:00 on the 27thSeptember , 2019, and officially switch MESH to the Spectrum.

2. The main net mapping will be completed on the 27th and MESH will become the contract currency on the Spectrum;

3. After completing the main net mapping, the MESH will only support Tango — the official wallet of SmartMesh instead of other wallets at this stage. If you are using a third-party wallet, please download the official SmartMesh wallet and import the wallet address.

Download Tango here:

4. Each exchange will complete the switch of the new MESH and start the deposit and withdrawal services around 10thOctober, 2019.

During the mapping period, if you have any questions, please contact the official customer service. We apologize for any inconvenience.