Guide for SmartMesh network community

May 8, 2018, 12:11 a.m.

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The SmartMesh network community is a website serving the SmartMesh eco community, created by SmartMesh fans.

The SmartMesh web community provides convenient public services for SmartMesh eco-projects and users, and serves as a bridge between SmartMesh eco-projects and users, enabling SmartMesh eco-projects to focus on developing technologies that meet their needs and provide better technical services to users.

Operation menu

1. registration menu

2. menu after login

Two. Community function

The community has a variety of functions available to the user, some of which are specific to the user, some are used by all users, as follows:

Functional user

Publish articles to specify users

All users of comment articles

Asking questions for all users

Answer questions to all users

Addressing topics for all users

Comment on topics for all users

Send and receive information

All users

Three, community integration

Community points (SMN) are used in community activities to encourage activities that meet the requirements of the community. The provisional rules are as follows:

Community activity score

New user initial score 100

Publish essay bonus points


Comment articles deduct points -1

Ask questions and deduct points -5

Answer questions, deduct points -1

The answer is accepted and the reward points are 5.

Audit questions reward 1 points

Issue topic deduction deduction points 0

Comment on topic reduction points