MeshBox Use Cases Vol. 1 – IoT Infrastructure Consistency

Aug. 14, 2020, 8:39 p.m.

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Welcome to MeshBox Use Cases Vol. 1! In this series of posts we will explore a different potential use case for MeshBox and its related technologies each time.

IoT devices are exponentially being deployed in nearly every type of place imaginable on earth (and off it) leading us into a brave new cybernetic future of human civilization. The Internet of Things, a network of devices that communicate directly with each other, rather than via human endpoints, is rapidly expanding into a mega-nexus of decision-making hardware and software that reacts to, informs, and negotiates our living environment. In nearly every sector… agriculture, education, security, entertainment, media, medicine, military and all the others, the amount and importance of IoT devices is burgeoning year on year.

From cities to fields, space stations to farms, IoT devices are being deployed everywhere.

Certainly a debate can be had as to the benefits and disadvantages of the ubiquity of such integrated and sophisticated technologies. Clearly there are cases where these environments can be both incredibly convenient and even more so, essential and life-saving. On the other hand, certain AI deployments can obviously be seen as intrusive, controlling and downright dangerous. These are matters that are ultimately put into play by the humans developing, implementing, and maintaining them.

For now, let’s focus on the first group: IoT devices and the AI that runs them are achieving the very definition of what humans have so long sought after throughout the history of science and technology, namely, progress. We could debate over the exact parameters of that word, but let’s take it to mean something within the realm of a state of affairs that has made things more convenient, safer, enjoyable and sophisticated for human beings inhabiting planet earth.

But this Internet of Things requires two essential things aside from the “Things” themselves. Electricity and internet (or at least some kind of communications layer). Both can be knocked out easily whether it be an intentional attack or by way of accident or disaster.

MeshBox can save the day when systems go down in hospitals and other crucial environments.

When internet is knocked out, so does all the IoT infrastructure relying on wifi and broadband connections. That can add up to a whole lot of “Things” in a home, or more critically, a hospital, school, city building or other establishment. Enter MeshBox. Having a self-reliant locally deployed MeshBox running your infrastructure takes this critical pitfall out of the scenario. Now, a smoke alarm going off on the 10th floor during a crisis when local ISPs and 3-5G towers are not broadcasting, and which can’t be heard several floors down, can still send the whole building a smart alert. Everyone in the building can still send and receive messages on the same LAN. And all other devices connected can still do their jobs, potentially saving hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in damages.

Furthermore, running your local IoT infrastructure on a MeshBox all the time, separate from the Main Internet, gives you a secure, blockchain based, tokenized ecosystem that is secure from outside attacks and surveillance. Even when otherwise cut off from external technologies, MeshBox offers a micro-economy of its own within a secure decentralized network environment.

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